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Your Premier Provider of Commercial Gas Installations and Products in Scotland!

At Holtek UK, we specialise in delivering commercial gas installations and products tailored to the unique needs of businesses across Scotland. With our expertise, commitment to quality, and innovative solutions, we are the trusted choice for all your commercial gas requirements.


Here are our top 10 commercial gas installations and products in Scotland:

  • Office Buildings: Our team excels in designing and installing efficient gas heating systems for offices, ensuring comfortable and cost-effective heating solutions.
  • Retail Outlets: Enhance your retail space with our expert gas installations, including commercial gas ovens, hobs, and water heaters, tailored to the specific requirements of your business.
  • Hospitality Establishments: We provide comprehensive gas solutions for hotels, restaurants, and catering businesses, including commercial gas cookers, grills, and boilers, ensuring optimal performance and energy efficiency.
  • Educational Institutions: From schools to universities, our gas installations provide reliable heating and hot water solutions, ensuring a comfortable learning environment for students and staff.
  • Healthcare Facilities: Our gas installations in healthcare settings prioritize safety and efficiency, offering reliable gas heating systems, water heaters, and sterilization equipment.
  • Industrial Facilities: We specialize in gas installations for industrial complexes, ensuring efficient heating, process heating, and steam generation systems to support your production needs.
  • Commercial Kitchen Upgrades: Transform your commercial kitchen with our gas appliance upgrades, including energy-efficient commercial gas cookers, ovens, and fryers, optimizing performance and reducing operating costs.
  • Sports and Entertainment Venues: We provide gas installations for stadiums, arenas, and event spaces, offering efficient heating systems for spectator areas, VIP lounges, and concession stands.
  • Commercial Boiler Systems: Our expert team delivers reliable and high-performance commercial gas boilers, ensuring efficient heating and hot water supply for large commercial properties.
  • Gas Safety and Compliance: We offer comprehensive gas safety services, including gas safety inspections, testing, and compliance checks, to ensure your commercial gas installations meet regulatory standards

At Holtek UK, we combine our industry expertise, premium products, and skilled professionals to deliver unparalleled commercial gas solutions for businesses in Scotland. Contact us today to discuss your project and experience the Holtek UK difference. Let us fuel your success with efficient and reliable gas installations!

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