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Discover innovative energy solutions with Holtek in Invergowrie. Our focus on sustainability and cutting-edge technology makes us the premier choice for all your energy needs. Explore a range of services including solar panels, air source heat pumps, boilers (combi, oil, LPG), electric heating, and high heat retention storage heaters.


Funding up to £30,000

UK Backed Government Grants and 0% Loans for Solar Panels, Air Source Heat Pumps and Insulation

Our Comprehensive Services


Solar Panels Installation

Embrace the power of solar energy with our advanced installations. Benefit from reduced energy bills and a smaller carbon footprint in Invergowrie's environment.


Air Source Heat Pumps

Ensure year-round comfort with our reliable air source heat pumps. Choose from top brands like Mitsubishi, Samsung, and Hitachi to keep your space cozy and efficient.


Boiler Expertise

Our expertise extends to various boiler types, including combi, oil, and LPG boilers. Partnering with trusted manufacturers such as Worcester, Valiant, and Viessmann guarantees heating excellence.


Electric Heating

Experience efficient electric heating tailored to Invergowrie's climate. Explore options from reputable brands like Dimplex for a warm and eco-friendly environment.


High Heat Retention Storage Heaters

Combat the Invergowrie chill with our high heat retention storage heaters. Stay warm while optimizing energy usage.

Trusted Manufacturers

Experience the future of energy with Holtek Invergowrie. Our commitment to innovation and sustainability makes us your ideal partner in achieving a greener and more energy-efficient tomorrow.

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